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Steel wire rope

DanSea offers a wide range of steel wire rope constructions for all industry applications, such as shipping (mooring, towing, tug, messenger, and anchor), commercial fishing (trawl, purse seine, long line, mussel, and aqua culture), lifting and other special applications.

A steel wire rope is normally constructed by three components:

  • The steel wires that form the strand
  • The strands that are fitted around the steel wire rope core
  • The core which can consist of either steel wires or a fibre rope

All three components make up the final steel wire rope and when DanSea offer a steel wire rope we always take all three components into consideration as the final mix of these needs to fit our customer’s requirement.

For larger fishing vessels we normally offer our compact steel wire rope which, from our experience, will grant you a longer and safer lifetime. In compact steel wire ropes the strand dimensions are compacted before the actual laying of the steel wire rope which gives the steel wire rope a smoother surface, greater abrasion resistance and greater tensile strength than other non-compacted steel wire ropes on the market.

We naturally offer alternative types of compact steel wire rope which fit fishing vessels as well. We can offer traditional 6 x 7 and 6 x 19 configurations which are all well tested and already used by fishing vessels around the world.

Please feel free to contact us for further discussion and information regarding which is the best steel wire rope to meet your needs.

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