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SIMRAD - fish finding equipment

DanSea has a distributor agreement with Norwegian company SIMRAD. Based in Norway and part of The Kongsberg Group ASA, SIMRAD has for more than 60 years manufactured advanced sonars, echo sounders and catch monitor instrumentation, and has today grown to be the world´s most recognised brand in professional fish finding equipment.

Installation, start up, commissioning and training

As part of any SIMRAD product sales, professional start up, commissioning and training will be done by our technicians free of charge. Three days for commissioning at the harbour, three days for sea trial and training of your Captain at sea. For larger projects a SIMRAD technician will go and participate in fishing onboard the vessel for one or two weeks. Additional days will be charged at the standard SIMRAD rate.

SIMRAD SX - Low frequency hull sonar

The SIMRAD SX sonar is specially designed for vessels where long detection range is critical. As the only commercial omni directional sonar in the market, SIMRAD use transceivers with FM technology for filtering away unwanted reverberation from the surface and bottom making the fish echoes easier to detect under difficult conditions. The long range and high definition improves your catching abilities for finding schools of fish, and helps you to make better use of your time at sea.

SIMRAD FS70 - Trawl sonar system

The sophisticated FS70 trawl sonar system enables fishermen to gain full control in any type of fishery. This is essential for modern mid-water trawling and bottom trawling where hard bottom contact is a key factor. The FS70 gives you information about the trawl opening, fish passing through the opening as well as foot rope position in relationship to the bottom. The FS70 includes trawl depth and temperature sensors which are built in as standard. For implementing this system, you will require a cable winch and transmission cable which can be sourced from us as well.

SIMRAD PI50 - Catch monitoring system

The SIMRAD PI50 is a wireless net system, which can be used as an alternative to the FS70 trawl sonar, in the case where the Captain prefers working with a wireless system. It does not necessarily give all the key data and views that you can obtain from the trawl sonar.

For trawler operations in the Bay of Bengal, a minimum of two catch sensors are recommended but, if needed, spread sensors (to measure the distance between the trawl doors), height sensors / trawl eyes (to measure the height of the trawl), depth sensors (to measure the depth of the trawl) and temperature sensors can be installed.

SIMRAD ES70 - High resolution Echo Sounder

The ES70 is a modular fish finder system and can be set up as a single frequency system and then built up to a multi frequency system using the wide variety of SIMRAD transducers, transceivers and monitors. It has capabilities to secure top performance with a clear and undisturbed echogram at any depth. Your choice of transducer may depend highly on whether you are shallow water fishing as currently done in the Bay of Bengal, in which case SIMRAD can proudly offer the Combi Wide transducer. Its 30 degree beam angle ensures a much greater coverage area compared to the 10 degrees on a normal transducer. In short, this can be a very important and inexpensive improvement for your fishing vessel.

Please visit www.simrad.com for further product and company information.

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