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Polar - trawl doors

DanSea has made a partnership agreement with Icelandic Polar Fishing Gear to license, manufacture and distribute the Polar range of European designed and highly efficient trawl doors.

Polar Fishing Gear is an innovative company specialising in the design, contract and sales of highly efficient trawl doors suitable for bottom, semi-pelagic and pelagic fishing.

Owner and Managing Director, Mr. Atli Mar Josafatsson, has been involved in trawl doors building, developing, sales and marketing for almost 40 years, first at the family company, J. Hinriksson, with its well known Poly-Ice trawl doors and, more recently since 2007, with its very own brand.

Starting in the late sixties when trawl doors were made from wood with steel frames to the processing of all steel doors in mid seventies, J. Hinriksson was the leading company in the hydrodynamic design of trawl doors. This was led by Atli at the end of 1992 in cooperation with the Engineering Faculty of the University of Iceland and together they developed the Poly-Ice doors.

The main aim in the design and development process of Polar doors is to obtain a good spreading force known by the best door makers on the market but, more importantly, to achieve less resistance. With computer simulations and several Flume Tank tests and modifications following fishing trials with experienced skippers, Polar doors high spreading force and reduced spreading force has been successfully achieved.

Currently we have the following trawl models in production:

HERCULES Trawl door

Hercules is a bottom/semi-pelagic trawl door suitable for traditional bottom fishing and is also designed to lift the doors off the seabed. This model’s higher aspect ratio Polar bottom door has proven excellent as a bottom door and also for off the seabed fishing when controlled to work above the bottom without losing spreading force. Hercules is designed with a vertical, multi-level bracket system.

NEPTUNE Trawl door

Neptune is a demersal bottom trawl door suitable for fishing in various conditions, from very shallow water to deep water fishing. The doors have proven their successful performance, excellent spreading force and substantially reduced resistance compared to most other doors. Neptune trawl doors are used in a wide range of applications, from a 1.1 square metre/180 kg small trawl door used on shrimp outrigger fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, to large, heavy constructed doors suitable for the North Atlantic rough conditions. Neptune standard version has one horizontal bracket and can also be supplied with a multi-level bracket system.

When pelagic fishing is needed at all times, we recommend the models “JUPITER” and “MARS”.

Please visit www.polardoors.com for further product and company information.

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When we do business we are forming close relations with our customers, which mean that we many times are consulted and involved in areas also outside of our product range.



We have been raised with a proud fishing tradition and high level of craftsmanship. Therefore we put same level of passion in to our products and dealerships, which all are second-to-none.