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Nylon (PA) knotless netting

DanSea manufactures two different types of knotless netting: DanSea Standard knotless netting and DanSea Superior knotless netting.


Both our knotless netting types are manufactured under the best possible circumstances including:

  • Top quality raw material
  • Experienced and well educated employees
  • Top end machinery
  • Secured air conditioned production area

The high tech machinery and the stabile low temperatures in the production area are both essential for keeping the delicate nylon fibres stable during production and producing the best possible uniform knotless nylon netting.

Production process

To secure the best possible degree of quality and standard of the product, a very comprehensive production process has been implemented.

DanSea Superior knotless netting

The DanSea Superior knotless netting is manufactured using a special weaving technology which gives a very important characteristic in any holes caused by net rupture or tear. The special weave prevents the netting from unravelling once cutting is made.

It is more heavy than the traditional knotless nylon netting, approximately +0 / +2%.

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