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Nylon (PA) braided netting


Traditional Tuna netting is produced with an ordinary and standardised yarn: 210D/24F as shown below. In its nature this construction is flat and thin.

The DanSea Superior Braided Tuna Netting is produced differently with a specially constructed yarn: 210D/7F. This special yarn construction makes the yarn more round and thick which gives a number of benefits compared to the traditional yarn: 210D/24F.


DanSea Superior Braided Tuna Netting construction:

  • More solid and round in diameter = will stay more uniform during use
  • More thick and round = better resistance against abrasion
  • More round = better sinking abilities

The DanSea Superior Braided Tuna Netting is furthermore made stiffer than that of the traditional yarn which also gives a more uniform mesh size during the lifetime of the netting.

Our yarn is dope dyed into the black colour which guarantees that the black colour will remain and not fade away in time.

Mesh size

Stretched mesh in inches means the distance from the centre of a knot to that of an opposite knot in the stretched state of net.

Production process

To ensure the best possible degree of quality and standard of the product a very comprehensive production process has been implemented.

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