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Naval architecth

DanSea has a distribution agreement with Skipasyn which is an independent Icelandic Consulting Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Company founded in 1997. The main business of Skipasyn is the design of fishing vessels. Their specialisation includes work on all kinds of fishing vessels, fishery and oceanographic research vessels.

Skipasyn offers a comprehensive range of services including the following:

  • Initial design studies
  • Complete design packages
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Contract negotiations

New vessels

Among the DanSea clients in Asia, there have been requests for a preliminary outline design to try to determine what fits the client’s needs. And with this inexpensive outline design, any yard should be able to calculate an estimated price for the new vessel.

Kort nozzle

At DanSea’s hydraulic joint venture company in Bangladesh, Skipasyn are designing all our tailor made kort nozzles, which are in turn, being manufactured by Scan Machinery.

A kort nozzle is a hydrodynamic designed shroud that encircles a ship’s propeller just outside the blade tips.

The advantages of kort nozzles are already well known for towing vessels and fishing boats in most parts of the world. However, significant improvements in performance can be achieved on all kinds of vessels using designs optimised for each vessel type.

We can provide various kort nozzles:

  • With diameters up to 5000 mm
  • With L/D radios from 0.3 to 0.7 depending on available space around the propeller
  • With different thicknesses of the nozzle profile, depending on the client’s request and available space

Our kort nozzles with flexible L/D radio are designed to minimize speed loss and maximize bollard pull (sometimes even increase in both), and our experience has shown that vessel owners can expect an increase in bollard pull from 20-35%.

Maximum Performance - Minimum Fuel Consumption!

What We Stand For



We believe in professionalism. We do everything with the outmost of dedication and passion, and always try to ensure nothing but the best for our clients.



When we do business we are forming close relations with our customers, which mean that we many times are consulted and involved in areas also outside of our product range.



We have been raised with a proud fishing tradition and high level of craftsmanship. Therefore we put same level of passion in to our products and dealerships, which all are second-to-none.