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DanSea provides a variety of floats each designed and produced specific for each individual method of fishing.

Purse seine floats

For our Purse seine customers we offer the DanSea EVA POWER Float which is manufactured from the superior material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which is superior to other materials such as PVC and synthetic rubber floats in every aspect.

By using the DanSea EVA POWER Float you will gain the following benefits:

  • The floats have high tensile strength, which allow you to use them continuously over long periods of time
  • The floats are very resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • The floats have excellent elasticity and thus the floats do not break, shrink or deform
  • The floats are light and soft and do not absorb water which will result in a more efficient, easy and economical handling

Trawl floats

For our Trawling customers we offer two different types of floats, depending on which fishing gear is being used (bottom and shrimp trawls or mid-water trawls)

Bottom trawling

When fishing with a bottom or shrimp trawl, DanSea has a distributor agreement with Danish company Atlantic Floats A/S (Neptun Plast), for distribution of their high quality trawl floats into the Asian market. Atlantic Floats is the result of a merger between the three strongest brands in the trawl float market: Iceplast (Sæplast), Panther (Neptun Plast) and Utzon (Atlantic Trawl Floats).

Atlantic Floats produce a wide variety of trawl floats designed to withstand the roughest conditions and depths ranging from 400m - 2000m, and are manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship and quality.

All floats are strong and durable. They are available in various sizes from 5 to 14 inches. Please visit www.atlanticfloats.com for further product and company information.

Mid-water trawling

When fishing with a mid-water trawl, DanSea has a distributor agreement with Danish company Grønborg Line, leading manufacturer and wholesaler of quality float lines and fibre ropes for the commercial fishing industry.

DanSea are proud to fit all mid-water trawls produced by SRL Cosmos Trawl with the specially designed float rope developed by Grønborg Line. Please visit www.groenborg-line.dk for further product and company information.

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