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Fishing gear

From the DanSea daughter company, SRL Cosmos Trawl in Bangladesh, we can supply a variety of fishing gear.  We provide shrimp and bottom trawls in wide body as well as high opening designs for single and multi-rig fishing. This is offered in conjunction with our pelagic and semi-pelagic mid-water trawls (for single and pair trawling) as well as purse seines and fish farm cages.


When it comes to trawling, we understand that vessels with different horse power or bollard pull, different deck layout, different type/size trawl doors and different captain requirements, may require different solutions.

At SRL Cosmos Trawl we tailor our fishing gear to the individual requirements while at the same time work in close partnership with our customers. This is to ensure we meet the client’s expectations as well as ensuring the optimal solution for a maximum return on your investment.



We supply nets and gear for all fisheries, offer complete systems or packages, together with individual products and materials such as:

  • Bottom Trawls (single and multi-rig, high opening and wide body)
  • Shrimp Trawls (outrigger, single and multi-rig, high opening and wide body)
  • Mid-water Trawls (semi-pelagic and pelagic)

In addition to this, we can assist with the following:

  • Purse Seines
  • Aquaculture cages
  • All kinds of materials and accessories

What We Stand For



We believe in professionalism. We do everything with the outmost of dedication and passion, and always try to ensure nothing but the best for our clients.



When we do business we are forming close relations with our customers, which mean that we many times are consulted and involved in areas also outside of our product range.



We have been raised with a proud fishing tradition and high level of craftsmanship. Therefore we put same level of passion in to our products and dealerships, which all are second-to-none.