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Products / Agencies

For DanSea to be able to provide our customers with the extensive guidance and help on how to improve their existing fleet and general day to day operation we have made alliances and partnership agreements with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and accessories for modern fisheries.

Besides the products and agencies showcased on this website, we have a wide network of contacts within the industry, covering leading international naval architects, shipyards, shipbrokers, processing equipment manufacturers, refrigeration, fish dealers etc.

So whether you are part of our main area of expertise or not, please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

What We Stand For



We believe in professionalism. We do everything with the outmost of dedication and passion, and always try to ensure nothing but the best for our clients.



When we do business we are forming close relations with our customers, which mean that we many times are consulted and involved in areas also outside of our product range.



We have been raised with a proud fishing tradition and high level of craftsmanship. Therefore we put same level of passion in to our products and dealerships, which all are second-to-none.