“We are dedicated to professional fishing solutions for open sea, and have the experience to deliver outstanding new solutions”


Jesper Jensen
CEO, DanSea


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Our history

DanSea is the legacy of four generations and more than 100 years of experience from the Scandinavian fishing and net making industry. When the Danish Export Association decided to look at the potential within the Asian fishing industry, the Jensen family was a natural partner and quickly we became involved in many interesting projects in Asia. This resulted in the establishment of DanSea in 2011 and we have been working on improving professional fishing in South East Asia ever since. We value the personal relations with our customers and we always do our utmost to maintain this relationship which we believe is essential for achieving successful business in fishing.

The principles behind DanSea were made up from the same professionalism as we knew from our old family business, Cosmos Trawl in Denmark, but formed in a new company situated closer to our customers in South East Asia. We believe in strong partnerships with our customers who we hope will value our years of experience and expertise.

Our name DanSea was carefully chosen as it is a contraction of “Dan” as in Danmark (Denmark) and “Sea”. Obviously “Sea” can be thought of as the open blue sea where our equipment and solutions are used every day. But we also think of “Sea” as S.E.A. (South East Asia), and in this way our name symbolises the strong relations and partnerships that we are thus establishing between our proud Danish fishing traditions and the Asian fishing industry.

We want to achieve great results together with our customers. Not only do we provide a broad range of high quality professional fishing equipment, we also provide extensive guidance and we are always ready with suggestions on how to improve existing fleets, equipment and methods. We want to help develop your ideas and solve your problems while listening to all levels of your organisation. This is to ensure best results at all levels - from the administrative departments and on to the fleet, captains, chief engineers and crew.

What We Stand For



We believe in professionalism. We do everything with the outmost of dedication and passion, and always try to ensure nothing but the best for our clients.



When we do business we are forming close relations with our customers, which mean that we many times are consulted and involved in areas also outside of our product range.



We have been raised with a proud fishing tradition and high level of craftsmanship. Therefore we put same level of passion in to our products and dealerships, which all are second-to-none.